Buy Magic truffles

Buy magic truffles, as they are a by-product of magic mushrooms. Just like magic mushrooms they also contain the same components, also giving them the name philosophers stones. In fact the mushrooms are the fruit of these truffles. There are only 200 known shrooms on planet Earth, incidentally only a few can create these stones. These truffles are like the normal truffles described in the culinary world, therefore they will also have a walnut flavor.Luckily these truffles don’t fall under many laws, therefore they are legal in most states and countries.

As of right now we only carry three of the most popular truffles. Which are tampanensis, mexicana, and atlantis. But, with your continued support we can expand our inventory.


One thing to keep in mind is the effects of these truffles. As they are the same as shrooms, you must be weary. It is best to take only 0.2-0.5 grams, generally depending on the truffle as they vary. Take more for stronger effects. The high lats 6 hours, where the first two are the strongest. You’ll first experience waves thorough out your body. Then soon mental effects occur, such as visual effects, intense perception of sound, relaxation, creative thoughts (bring audio recorder just in case), philosophical thoughts, senses sharpened, feelings of admiration, and experience of time and space. Additionally, there will be physical effects too. Such as cold feelings, headaches, weak stomach, nausea, thorst, and fatigue.

Bad Trips

The can be a beautiful experience, but not with everyone. Unfortunately some people are prone to bad trips. If handled incorrectly some people will struggle with reality and cause a bad trip. Therefore, if you are new at this you must remember the “Buddy System”. Where one sits out of the experience and to serve as the tether between reality and space. As a rule you must always admit any phobias to prepare the tether for when the moment arrives.