Cannabis Chocolate Perfect for those new to cannabis edibles, gourmet low-dose options from BMMU will warm up your love life! Sourcing quality ingredients including sought-after Cacao Fino de Aroma infused with cannabis by the master chocolatiers at BMMU, Chocolate provides bars and bites in various THC dosage levels,

Delight the yogi, health foodie or earth mama in your life with these magical, medicinal chocolates. Specializing in raw cannabis chocolate, the high-end creations from BMMU are low enough on the glycemic index to be considered safe for diabetics. Made entirely with organically grown and superfood ingredients, the potent raw cacao used has a “high” of its own due to triggering a significant release of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. Free of agave, sugar, dairy, and naturally gluten-free, with a range of superfood ingredients offering wellness benefits,

The advantages of cannabis chocolate are numerous.

It’s shelf-stable and freezes well, homogenizes easily for precise THC doses and it’s flexible for use in a variety of recipes. New cannabis chocolate companies enter the market constantly, each working to distinguish themselves from competitors on dispensary shelves. While pioneering brands such as Bhang, Kiva and Day Dreamers established themselves early as the preeminent cannabis chocolate companies currently enjoying tremendous market share, newcomers offer their own unique interpretations of how to marry THC with chocolate to create amazing, tasty bars.

Creating a wonderful synergy when combined with cannabis, cacao could be considered a medicinal super food in its own right. Raw organic cacao contains more antioxidants than blueberries, along with active ingredient theobromine, known as a potent stimulant. Also included in the “food of the gods,” the so-called bliss chemical anandamide contributes to the good vibes contained in pure raw cacao. These effects are the reason why chocolate is traditionally considered to promote the loving feelings that humans associate with romance.

The Ultimate Edible

As cannabis becomes more widely accepted and poised for recreational legalization in USA. People are looking at it in more than just a recreational sense. Marijuana has many medical benefits, and it’s becoming a mainstream option for people with illnesses. Ranging from anxiety to glaucoma to cancer.

Of course, this comes with new alternatives to consuming cannabis, and edibles are becoming increasingly popular. When you can combine the benefits of marijuana with the health benefits of something like dark chocolate; it’s a match made in heaven.

Let’s explore what happens when you combine these two incredible ingredients and learn how to make cannabis dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is an incredibly healthy substance.

People think of chocolate as a sugary candy that’s bad for your blood sugar and overall health. But in truth, when you stick to dark chocolate, you’re getting a range of health benefits. It’s outstanding for lowering blood pressure, for example, because it is full of antioxidants.

Dark chocolate is a “superfood,” a food that is rich in antioxidants. A study published in 2003 in Nature magazine showed that people who ate 100 grams of dark chocolate every day for two weeks showed a significant drop in blood pressure, and that after eating 100 grams of dark chocolate, antioxidant levels showed a marked increase.

Antioxidants are chemical compounds in chocolate that negate and consume the free radicals that can be responsible for all manner of health issues. free radicals are molecules that cause a chain reaction in your body, turning other molecules into free radicals. This causes cellular damage in a process called oxidative stress. It can result in everything from headaches and muscle pains to cancer, atherosclerosis, and other chronic issues.

Other benefits of dark chocolate include possibly preventing cancer, improved heart health. Also reduced bad cholesterol and increased good cholesterol, improved cognitive function, and reduced blood sugar in diabetics. If you’re looking for a tasty treat that’s great for your body, dark chocolate is the way to go. 303mg the only true Denver chocolate bar.


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