Magic Mushroom Capsules Start with one dose (two capsules) 30 minutes before you want to tune in to a sense of joy, connection, and relaxed presence, with or without food

Magic mushrooms are mushrooms that provide a positive contribution to health, beyond just their basic nutritional value. Functional mushrooms are superfoods containing many vitamins and minerals. While each type of mushroom has its own unique properties, overall they may contribute to a variety of positive health benefits such as better sleep, better digestion, clearer skin, reduced anxiety, treatment of allergies and asthma, reduced inflammation, improved bone health, and promotion of a stronger immune system to help your body fight colds and other illnesses more efficiently.

As needed, take up to two doses (two capsules) a day

Use daily to maximize cognitive health benefits

Formulated to be used independently or as a complement to an existing micro dosing protocol

Short-term effects of magic mushrooms

Using magic mushrooms can lead to short-term mental and physical effects.

Mental effects

Magic mushrooms may cause heightened emotions and senses and people may feel happy and creative. They may laugh or giggle a lot and experience a sense of mental and emotional clarity.

Magic mushrooms can also cause hallucinations and affect people by:

  • distorting their sense of reality (they see and hear things that are not there)
  • mixing up their senses (they believe they can see music or hear colours)
  • altering their sense of time

Some of the negative mental effects of taking magic mushrooms include:

  • changes in mood
  • light-headedness
  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • confusion and disorientation
  • fear or paranoia

Potential uses of psilocybin Shroom Capsules

At this time, there are no approved therapeutic products containing psilocybin in Canada or elsewhere.

This means that Health Canada has not assessed the safety, efficacy, and quality of products containing psilocybin, and they have not subjected them to the rigorous scientific review process required for authorization for sale in Canada or elsewhere.

There is ongoing research looking at the potential of psilocybin to treat various mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and problematic substance use.

However, while some initial clinical trials have shown promising results, the evidence is currently limited. Nonetheless, clinical trials are the most appropriate and effective way to advance research with unapproved drugs such as psilocybin, all the while protecting the health and safety of patients.


4 grams per container 14 caps