What is Mushroom Chocolate?

Psilocybin Chocolate Bar

What is Mushroom Chocolate?

Around the country, more states are warming up to the idea of recreational cannabis, partly thanks to an overwhelming amount of studies showing that it can be used medicinally as prescribed by a doctor for various purposes.  This has opened the floodgates for a host of natural products that were once deemed useless except for the purposes of “getting high,” but have since been shown to have the potential to actually offer some pretty impressive wellness-related properties.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before psilocybin mushrooms were given what many argue is the respect that they deserve.  Small locations in the country have legalized their usage, and we’re expecting to see more areas follow in the coming years.  As of now, we have access to various clinical studies showing that they may be much more than a recreational activity.

But, if you know anything about these mushrooms, you know fully well that they don’t exactly taste like a gourmet meal.  So, unsurprisingly, trends are emerging that turn these mushrooms into a tasty treat through various flavoring methods.  And our personal favorite would have to be mushroom chocolate.

Mushroom chocolate is pretty self-explanatory, and we anticipate it becoming a huge trend.  In fact, for thousands of years, chocolate and mushrooms have been mixed together for ceremonious purposes, so this trend is nothing new.

What is Mushroom Chocolate?

Well, quite simply, it’s a blend of mushrooms, containing some portion of psilocybin mushrooms, that are blended with chocolate.  The thing about psilocybin mushrooms is that they can be consumed all on their own, but the taste is known for being extremely off-putting, and so many people who would like to try them won’t simply because of the way they taste.  But, coating them in chocolate suddenly makes it far easier to consume them, and even enjoyable.

Chocolate has a unique ability to mask the flavor and aroma of these mushrooms, making it the perfect choice.  Of course, no two chocolate mushroom products are necessarily created equally.  There are several ways in which one product can differ from the next.

For one thing, the quality of chocolate can range from low to high, depending on who makes the product.  Secondly, the milligram strength can vary greatly, which is a good thing, because everyone has their own unique tolerance.  Some people want a full-on heavy trip that lasts for hours, while others are all about the micro-dosing lifestyle.

Plus, many mushroom chocolate products that we’re seeing contain non-psychoactive mushrooms as well, which are there because of their known properties that can benefit our health, including their high nutritional content, cognitive benefits and more.

How is Mushroom Chocolate Made?

Mushroom chocolate consists mainly of two ingredients: mushrooms and chocolate, as you may have guessed.  First, the mushrooms must be cultivated properly, and picked at the right time to ensure that the chemical composition is the most useful to the body.

The mushrooms absolutely must be fully dried, using the proper methods.  Fresh mushrooms don’t stay fresh for very long, and besides the fact that they can go bad, they’ll lose their potency once they break down in terms of their chemical composition.  This makes them useless.  Drying preserves them, so that the compounds you’re seeking out remain as active as they were when they were first picked.  Besides that, the moisture in fresh mushrooms will interfere with your ability to make the proper consistency of your chocolate treat.

Once the mushrooms have been dried, they can be blended with the chocolate.  This is where things can vary.  First, one must decide on their ideal mushroom concentration, and therefore decide how much of the mushrooms they wish to add to the overall recipe.  To do this, they must choose their ideal milligram strength per serving, and then multiply that strength by the number of servings that they plan to make.

Next, the recipe must be developed.  Some prefer to simply pour melted chocolate directly over each mushroom, resulting in chocolate-covered individual mushrooms.  Others choose to chop up the mushrooms and place them in a mold and fill that mold with chocolate.  This creates a chocolate bar or candy that offers an even amount of mushrooms in each bite.

The recipe can vary as well.  The easiest method is simply melting chocolate chips over a double boiler.  This creates a liquified chocolate that will harden as it cools.  Others may choose more advanced recipes that involve crafting chocolate from scratch using actual cacao beans.  The recipe can be plain chocolate, or can be flavored with additional ingredients, including vanilla extract, nuts, caramel, dried fruit and more.

Once the mushroom chocolate has been made, it can be cooled so that the chocolate hardens, resulting in a snack that is ready to be enjoyed.

What is the Purpose of Mushroom Chocolate?

Mushroom chocolate allows for an easy and delicious way to consume mushrooms.  By masking the notoriously unappetizing taste and smell of these mushrooms, this product makes them more appealing to those who would otherwise be turned off to the whole endeavor.

How Should Mushroom Chocolate Be Taken?

If you’re interested in mushroom chocolate as someone who has zero experiences with this type of mushroom, then you’ll want to keep some things in mind.  The major one has to do with dosing.  It’s best to start slowly with these mushrooms, because the effects can be quite powerful, and if you’re not used to them, you may feel a sense of uneasiness.  Starting out with a very low dose in the beginning and increasing it each time you consume them gives you more control over the effects and reduces the risk of having an unpleasant experience.

Mushrooms may be the next big thing in the wellness industry, and mushroom chocolate makes this product easier to consume by offering a delicious taste.  If you live in an area in which you can legally access mushrooms, it’s worth giving mushroom chocolate a try.